Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Letter

"Whats best for you? Friends? Cousins? Uncles and Aunts? That was been thought for me.. Nothing is most and more important than your families! ". A wide opening phrase what my old man used to told me..

Im not telling you much.. just take a few minutes hear to this song.. i found that, this song makes me realize what are they meant.. And to tell you, MOM , DAD.. I LOVE YOU.. 

And yeah, just imagine that, when you hear the song, imagine that your parents sang the song for you.. and enjoy..

And last but not least, I LOVE MY FAMILY...

Thursday, September 6, 2012


When its back to reality, nothing is similarly to your time. Big difference,
dictators surrounds me and we lived in such a full lie world. They are hiding the truth from us. They took our faces and shows what you need to see, but not what you need to know.

Some people says,"Hey, what is so good to be in your side?" We can't even say a word about that. Because we are all covered with lies. And some of them saying,"What's the use of them?, while we lived such in a social life. They can't socialize freely, they can't even get closed to boys and girls." They said we were born to form a terrorism, they accused us from the falling of the twins, they make them like us, the magical mirror they shown to public reflects directly to us.

Oh lord, will you wake us all? 
Are we the chosen that who has to feel what is Armageddons like? We did what you have told us, but WHY US WHY? On top of that, we were badly criticize to the eye of the world, we were forced to be mean, we all are framed by the medias and shows the globe  what we aren't. Before the end of the day, we will regain what are lost and left. We will get the chance to increase the faith in him and his messenger. And finally we will leave from this day, left nothing even the ashes.

Finally, to the light or to the fire we will be precisely judged, good deeds will reclaims his or her good deeds, and bad doers will perish.

Someday, I'll be going there too, whether i know it or not. We are all will be going there, we are all will going to be judge, and we are all going to be in peace.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Rains. Remembers me of my childhood.

We were playing football at our village field, with my cousins there was Irfan and his brother Ihsan, Danial and Wafi. During that time, we played so hard and suddenly rain stopped by pouring the dried field, we were wet and soaked with sweat. We head home. Sloppy, wet, soaked with muds covers on our feet, plus there are birds flying in the sky singing happily in the pouring rain. 

On our way home, we crossed a handmade bridge crossing the small water line made out of wood, it was squeaking when feet touches it. Below the squeaking bridge there are small fish swimming gracefully, the droplet of pouring rain, a clicking sound of droplet are heard. We head home as fast as we could before our moms gets worried, happily when we reached home, our dads bought a bunch of “putu halba”. The putu halba are warm, juicy and steamy and it is so great with warm teas, enjoying the rain moment, thunders clapping here and there. Coconut husk, and brown sugar, is the best combination with “putu halba”, it was a cold day during the rain.

We sat and chat and laughing.We played eating games during the rain, we played hide and seek during the rain, we played saidina during the rain, ohh how I missed them. There is nothing like a good, happy and non-conflict family was. I missed every second of my childhood. Rain, it means everything to me. every time it comes, recalls me of them. Every clap! every flash! There are memories in them. If you hear what I hear, if you see what I see, if you feel what I feel.

And now, they are all gone. Gone diminished by construction! Gone bit by bit! Tall towers rising into the sky!! The cold went cool, the cool goes to warm, and the warm turns to hot! Greens are bleached to the hands of the irresponsibility!! No man wants its childhoods been crushed, no man wants his playground to be squeezed, and no man wants his grandchild sees the replica of the original! 

And finally it ends with highly technologies structures, global warming here and there, flash floods, stormy winds, IRRESPONSIBLE!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


For today's entry, lets talk about reality.
Some people does not realize that we live in such a reality life. Therefore, living in reality widens your level of thinking, and reality makes you mature.

As time goes by, this kind of issue falls onto me. And i realize that, i'm living in my own community. Although I lived in Kuala Lumpur, but the reality is I'm a kelantanese guy who is living among kelantanese. Where ever I go, there must be at least 5 to 10 ratio of kelantanese in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's a story, and let me describe more. Just now, I'm having lunch with my roomie 'Afif Syazwan, we took a seat in a Kelantanese Nasi Kukus stall in front of INSPEN building, exit from Putrajaya, Gate one. Well, the feeling of a reality life as a kelantanese over whelmed within me. I just can't keep on smiling. The stall owner was friendly and polite, that is how people should treat their customer as a food seller. And my lips can't stop smiling again. And i said to myself "there is nothing peaceful but with a polite attitude", and i felt i was in Kelantan with a steady breeze and kelantanese speaks kelantan, and i kept on smiling. People might say I'm crazy, but I'm not! The overwhelmed feeling kept coming and coming until i can't sit no longer on my chair.

Last but not least, at the same time, that reminds me of my childhood, where i use to live before. That is Kelantan. Say no more, I'm proud to be one and you should be proud where you came from. This excitement moment will never fade.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey, you! Yea you.. What does happy means to you? 

Well for me, happy is some kind of a feeling of delighted, pleased or satisfied with something. Some people have their own way to get happy. Some people making their happiness by enjoying themselves with shopping especially for the girls, well no offence. 

Some girls, when they are in stressed condition, they releasing them by shopping, and automatically gain happiness. 
Shopping, Like a Boss

Some people loves pet, I love pet too.. Specifically, CATS. I love cats.

Ain't it cute

Furthermore, happiness does not comes in what I said above, happiness also can be found in LOVE. That's why there's a quote "What A Happy Lover Birds" see what I meant? Not only by shopping you can go happy. Making some relationship also making you happy too.. And but, sometimes LOVE makes your heart breaks. Its a normal of humanity nature, there's ups and down during in a relationship. My advice is, for the loving couple, please oh please never get down when there's a complication among your relationship.. Find a way to cure that problem.. Ya feel me?

At the end, shopping,pets and love are an example of happy, when you feel happy, a smiley face will drawn on your faces. Being happy is the best way of life. Being happy makes your face blushed. Being happy makes you laugh. Being happy makes you a perfect man, if you know what i mean HAHA!. And yeah, keep smiling and be happy. The best antidote for depression is simple,HAPPY.

Have fun GUYS! 

TAKE CARE~ that's all from me for today's entry.. 

Good Bye And Be Happy And Keep That Smiley Face On You. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Think Twice, Make a Move and LIE

Today's entry, is gonna be about action. It's not about acting being an actor, although we are already an actor in this world without being recorded by any devices. But, a single action we done are recorded by our Creator.

In our daily life, acting normal is a good way to do best. Not to mention, being normal is a best way to create a productive life. Some people, they act based on their anger and rage. For an example, a Malaysian with a dark skin, where we can relate them as an hindu, basically, they act without thinking. I'm not being racist, say no to racism, although it is true i am one of it, what do i care? As an advice for you guys, never never and never get on their way, let them be. Don't ever have any guts to challenge them for a fight. If you are brave enough, then you must face one to ten ratio men of them. Seriously, you will out numbered. My indian friends, please oh please, think twice before you make a move.  If it is a small case, you guys don't have to come and knock to people's door to start a fight. I know it is a heart breaker when you find out people offending what you were doing, but please i beg of you, ignore the simple cases. It's not worth with a fight.

A tips for you to get away with these kind of person, with a little bit of LIE~ well, they kinda fall for that. IF, there's an IF! If you're not recognized before they finds you. If they knew it was you who were messing with them. You're dead as rotten meat.
Here's the tips:

1) Never Ever Ever! get caught at the first place.
2) Talk to them like you know nothing.

here comes the special recipe,

3) LIE! don't get too obvious when you are lying.
4) Shake hands and leave in peace.  

I think that's all, Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st of July

I felt like something tingling in side me. but, i cant get my finger on it.
I felt like writing, and i did! i did wrote something.
The most hectic day i will face.
The most people i hate most. Because my heart is full of hate.


google image

First, hate is the feeling of negative inside you, that gives you a feeling of not liking to something or someone.

Secondly, hate is sometimes good for us. We hate people who annoys us the most, that is one good thing, for an example.

Third, hate is sometime is not good for us. Because of hate, you gain ego in yourself and that ego will make your physical appearance looks bad. An easy example is yer face, you can see and feel how awful your face when you're in anger with full of hate.

Fourth, hate is all about how you judge people, the circumference of life will never gets easy as square. Because, people have BILLIONS of attitude. People like me, i hate when other person trying to annoys me by making a baby cries during i'm having my meal, poking my ass, so on and so forth. by having this kind of hate, it can get you away from these kind of people, that is a good part. The worst part is, when people knew what you hate, there will be a possibility people hate you after. So, an advice for you, keep your hate safe with you.

Finally, never judge or hate people if you didn't know him/she well. Don't simply just say "What the fuck with this guy? he's weird, i hate him",  just because of he's acting weird you have to hate him? get to know then only you can judge.
In my point of view, hate is a must, but a reason is the triple of must if you're doing it. Don't simply hate people with a simple reason. I hate people with that kind of attitude.

P/s: I have my own reasons for hating people as stated above. Thank You~ and plus, keep yer ass off my back because i hate that too..

Thank you for reading~ :D 


Monday, June 18, 2012

Nag Nag Nag

why do people nag? 
here's a hint for you.... because they're angry.. why do they get angry?
well, here's another hint for you... because they got offended by other people.. why do people offend them?
here's another hint... because they think we did a stupid action in front of them...

a part-time gamer and full-time student like me is a good example for you.. i found out that, people offend me because i'm obsessed with this world wide game which is played by the entire world called DOTA. Fuck you to stop me playing games.. and fuck you for telling me that games are for kids.. 
google image

i get pissed off when people messing with my interest.. don't ever say a word if you hate that so much.. mind to tell you that you are such a retard, you don't even have a single enjoyment by using computers.. different people with different styles of enjoyment.. don't even judge them with what they do.. 

staying indoors,hitting and running DOTA application  is the best way for me to joy my fucking emotion..! SO BACK OFF!
google image


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Will You BE? and Questions.

People,person,living mechanism..
what will you be in future? that is the question.. and that was the question what our parents commonly ask when we were kids.. 

I was thinking, will i able to success? what would i be in future? i am in dilemma.. i have seen many successful person day by day. in the television, in the radio and more. is it possible for me to spread out my wings? is it possible for me to reach it? who would might understand me? will my parents understands what would i be? *sigh*

i could be a singer,but i have no good voice. i could be a sports man, but i have no good in shape. i could be an artist, but i have no talent. what would i be? the point is, i don't have the guts to be one.. *sigh*

how unfortunate.. *sigh*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fuuuhhh!!! Fuuuhhh!!!!

Habuk! Habuk! Habuk!
berhabuk blog aku nih.. dah mcm sarang tikus.. lama gila xupdate.. sebab apa? hehe.. sebab malas nk bukak.. tu satu.. yg kedua, xde idea.. haih~ mcm mana la blogger2 lain tu bnyk sgt idea.. mane dorg dapat pon aku xtau..

sebelum tido, ada baik nya kita basuh kaki dulu.. mane tau nnti mimpi pelik2 kang.. haaa... sape yg susah? korang jugak yg susah nk tido balik nnti.. baca bismillah, baca 3 qul, dan ayat qursi..

smpai sini sahaja.. mimpi indah semua..

p/s: if you are reading this, i bet u wanna know that i wont stop being a good person for you.. and i always thinking of you.. XOXO... NITES!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


one more story for me to share with you dear dusty blog.. 

Its a BURGER but, i cant really recall what its name
there, see that? once i took a bite, i was "........." speechless. well... it was juicy and finger licking good.. worth up to rm25 per serving.. too expensive? quite not, french fries, beacon strip (not really a beacon, it is a cow's meat strip), and double cheese beef burger.. oh, and a soda herb.. 

HERE I GO!! The main course
it was mouth full burger.. dang, i had only half of it.. too big for my "small tummy" LOL!

okay blog, that's all.. BYE~ 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Morning and The Past

Rise and shine people.. we ain't got all day..! keep sleepin' and you'll be a panda.. *paused* well, not really a panda.. but, still a panda.. cuz, panda is a slow reaction animal.. am i right? thats is not what im going to story right now, it is just an introduction.. haha.. okay back in business..

have you guys heard about love? a special relationship? well, let me give you a short brief.. in definition, love is all about giving and receiving.i guess that explains everything.. crystal clear? to tell you a story my dear dusty blog, its not like im in love with someone right now.. i think and i feel it is not the right time for me to have one.. bcuz, there is so much more for me to think to have a special girlfriend.. some people say, having a couple is a good thing, some people say having a relation is a part of their life, sharing and exchanging love.. but for me, love is not that simple, you have to concentrate on ONE not TWO nor THREE.. you have to give 100% commitment.. because love is all about commitment..

loyalty is the most important thing in any relation, once it is broken.. you can say "SAYONARA" to your girlfriend.. it is not that simple.. for those kids who are barely in love, my advice is you have to stop right now, bcuz u guys are not matured enough.. let me bring you to the reality world, im gonna ask you, how many left "virgin" girls in this world and to be more specific, Malaysia?

to be brief about LOVE... let me give you an equation..

(Men + Women)married = Love + Sex ----> Good

(Love + Sex)unmarried couple = No Good

As simple as that.. So, think further ahead before u make a step.. BYE

Monday, January 16, 2012


Fuhh! Fuhh! Fuhh! eeeeek~ there's a rat in my blog! okay that was weird.. "eeeek~" is a common words for girls actually. well.. i said it.. that doesn't mean im a girl.. okay.. straight to the point.. have you guys heard about "ewww" ? okay.. let me explain then.. "buat apew tuw?" and "wei bdx! aq xpuax aty ng ko,mk ko xajr k cne nk ckp?"  okay.. got i meant? these words, oh i mean our malay words has been polluted by some bunch of nerds.. they think that is cute.. otherwise, not at all.. why the hell are u using those kind of words? sometimes it kills my eyes.. its hard to pronouns it.. you know how long i take to read those kind of text? it takes several minutes.. to understand what were you saying.. eghh.. 



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Da' Rules

There are rules in this world, without rules life could be miserable.. So, everyone have their rules.. As for me, my rules are simple..

Number 1.
Take it, and bring it back where it was.. as simple as that.. Do you need examples? okay.. here's one.. if you are playing with my stuff.. and place where it suppose to be at the first place.. crystal clear?

Number 2.
Play simple. Poking my ASS with keys is not a best way of approaching. Once awhile i'll be forgiving.. More than that.. sorry bros.. BLACKLISTED..

Number 3.
Never say marriage or engagement in front of me. Let me ask you a question.. Do you have guts to be somebody's in-law in the early age? do you think marriage is like "Hooray! so that we are married, Let's have SEX" is that it? marriage is not as fun as you think.. please be more of a thinker than a river.. im not offending, because im telling you is the truth.. if im lying.. Kill me.. As a friend, i want the best for you..  i know my language is not a proper language. i use them, for your own good sake.. not breaking your relationship.. im not jealous of your relationship.. i telling this not because of i hate you.. i hate your attitude.. which way suppose i have to say then? which way? i hope you understand..

Number 4.
Be nice to me, and i will be nice to you.. Give shit, i have no choice to to give CRAP on your face.. sorry.. that is what it has to be..

Thats all, i hope you will understand what i meant. Bear with my methods. I don't like SHITTY things.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In my room doing nothing, just a glass of bottle, a 100plus and a bottle of mentos for my chewing activity.. What a boring holiday.. 3 weeks away from class and lectures.. and hoping for good grades and results from the previous final exam.. well, just so you know, im typing what had just across my head.. do understand me.. and dont ask me why.. cuz, im seriously half dead bored myself.. so this is what i do when im bored.. talking in my head to myself.. dont you think im crazy.. becuz, crazy people talk with their mouth wide open and they talks like a crazy person.. crazy people dont know what is a keyboard.. if you know what i mean.. xDD as for me, im not categorize as a crazy person.. im just a thinker, a mind talking, or what so ever..

Hmm.. okay, here's some brief.. i went to the market this morning and bought some fresh vegetables for lunch.. mama made a great vegetable soup.. i ate lots of them.. wooo~~ i can still smell them in my throat.. Then, after lunch.. i sat in front of my computer, tweeting, facebooking and oh! i finished the simpsons episode.. hahaha.. what a hilarious cartoon don't you think? and then, i've decided to write something, or i mean to type something on my blog.. so that i can see what i've done today.. soo~ i've been reading back this entry i did something new.. i went out from the house.. for 20minutes.. hahaha!

Here i am now, end up staring the monitor doing nothing.. i hate playing maple for now.. because nothing excites me anymore.. i just dont know why.. maybe my guild was tearing apart.. the people i know were no longer there.. where is the love of VOCALOIDS!!

k, guys.. thats all for today.. taa~ 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Setiap insan ada minatnya tersendiri, terutama sekali dalam bidang pengajian.. kalau dah suka bercinta dgn komputer, kenapa amik engineering? amik la komputer sains ke, apa2 yang berkaitan dgn komputer.. Tapi, bukan benda tu yg saya nk ketengahkan.. tetapi.. INI! hehe xDD

KARA-Holic atau Kamilia, itulah sinonim bagi peminat kara.. hehe.. salah seorangnya.. tenh-teng-teng~ aku! ya.. aku mengaku aku minat kara.. kenapa? tgk la.. comel kot! ><

Tapi ada jugak yang offend aku, ye la, dorg ni budak2 lagi.. ade stengah orang dorg minat SNSD... dorg mmg hot.. kalah budak2 kara ni.. kalau tgk video klip diorg.. peh.. MELELEH! 

Setia pada yang satu itulah prinsip aku... Once a kamilia always a kamilia.. muahahahaha!!

so now guys, enjoy this.!! dedicated to YOU especially.. study smart.. less iced nescafe'.. okay?



Syukur kepada Allah, akhirnya selesai semesta pertama untuk degree.. tapi, banyak yang pahit daripada yang manis.. yang pahit perit adalah calculus, paling manis islamic studies.. hmm, fail atau lulus, bergantaung kepada lecturer..

Encik Kamaruddin tolong kasi lulus pon xpa.. aku xnk tgk lagi calculus.. aku nk free flow je.. tolong tolong.. aku nk smooth je degree ni.. xnak dah mcm diploma.. repeat.. repeat.. repeat.. haih.. sedih tahu? yang boleh buat sekarang adalah..... TAWAKKAL.. i did my best..

Okay! abis bab sedih.. bab happy pulak.. hehe.. hari ni, last paper, Pengajian Islam II (ISLB 212), paper 2jam stengah.. mulanya exam ni di pagi hari.. tepat jam 9.10am.. best tau jawab paper ni.. study pon mcm nak xnk.. ye lah.. berlagak, tips lecturer dah bagi, wat apa nk study.. hahaha.. sebijik pulak tuh! bukan tips namanya.. kan? hoho~ tapi yang paling buat aku nervous.. bila orang dah start kluar awal.. aku mula cemas.. dalam hati aku "wei! nape dorg ni kluar awal gila..?" bak kata org kelate.. "pah sore-sore tubik" aku mula xtenteram menjawab.. ye la.. mana xpressure nya.. orang kluar awal.. kalau stakat sorang xpe.. ni dah sbelah kiri,kanan,depan,belakang xde.. haih.. last2 skali.. xfikir apa2.. habis kan ayat terakhir.. aku terus bangun keluar dari dewan exam.. pehh.. lega rasanya.. hahaha.. maka tamat lah exam dan menanti result.. waaaaa~~~ jangan ada fail.. TOLONG!!!!

Malam terakhir di UNITEN main BADMINTON KAOKAO!! hehe.. penat, sakit abis badan. lama xmain.. maklum la.. nak exam kena brenti jap aktiviti malam.. hehe.. so, thats all guys.. esok nk start packing and balik rumah!! hoho~~ ALISA!! wait for meh~ and FAIRY TAIL!! weee~~ 
NIGHT Peeps~~

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tears Shed

Tersedar aku dari tidur dengan deringan telefon bimbit, bukan panggilan daripada awek, bukan BBM, bukan whatsapp, bukan sms dari sapa2.. Deringan e-mail daripada papa.. aku dah rasa pelik.. subject e-mail nya "Mum and Dad Luv U".. terukir dlm fikiran aku macam2.. are they okay? are they safe? ye la.. dorg xde kt KL.. dorg pegi JB teman kakak aku ada inspection kt JB..

Aku bangkit dari katil, bukak e-mail via laptop.. ye la.. nk bukak pakai blackberry susah sbb ada attachment video.. so, aku log in yahoo mail then download attachment tu.. 30minit menunggu.. akhirnya "DOWNLOAD COMPLETED" rupa2 nya.. video ni..

I shed tears in silence.. i knew they missed and love me a lot.. i wish i could hug them with all my heart.. but, i couldn't... EGO! i know! i know! im EGO! but, deep in my heart.. i LOVE them as more i love a girl.. mama... papa... im sorry im too ego to say I LOVE YOU in front of you guys.. This video opens my heart.. opens everything..*tears shedding*


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bachelors Day Out

Tido lambat, bangun lambat.. tu la remaja zaman sekarang.. pukul4 pagi tido, subuh kelaut, bangun pukul 12 tgh hari.. GREAT! mmg bagus anak bujang sorang ni.. not to mention, my room mate also woke up as late as i am.. hahaha! bangun je tido, mandi2 then terus shoot! ALAMANDA!

First thing first! masuk parking, cucuk duit, pegi beli ticket.. hehe.. nk tau? Sherlock Holmes : A Game Of Shadows.. Thanks to the GSC Movies, ticket rm7 pada hari rabu.. mmg murah murah murah.. Sepatutnya kteorg plan nk tgk hari first movie ni keluar, tapi nasib xbaik waktu tu kteorg ada exam, plus final dah dekat.. so, terpaksa la back dated sket.. jadi.. sementara menunggu movie ni start.. Oh, movie ni start pkul 4.15 ptg.. kteorg pegi la makan.. Lepas makan, hehe..

Alamanda & Arcade, memang xleh di pisahkan.. setiap kali ke alamanda.. mmg xsah kalau xpegi arcade.. nk tau apa kteorg buat? xkan la nk g cari awek kot.. HAH! ni dia!


Alisa Bosconovicth My Favorite Character
Isn't Shes Adorable?  >.<

Kalau korang nk tau.. game ni la yang selalu kteorg main.. walaupon game ni dah lama, tapi kalau g arcade ada je yang beratur ikut turn.. who wins, he's the KING! LOOSER? spare more token.. so, hari ni mmg xde luck main benda ni, ada pulak mamat bongkok sorang ni, mmg setiap kali pegi tekken je mesti dia ada.. cara dia main? xyah cakap.. cool je.. cara dia perform dlm game? xyah cakap.. GOD LIKE! Pro gila.. mmg jarang  skali nk kalahkan dia.. kalau menang pon satu round je.. I spent rm6 for Tekken.. semuanya buang macam tu je.. aku cakap kt nabil, dia ni mmg makan,tido,main tekken.. mane xpro nye.. ada sorang bro ni ckp, dia ni mmg slalu dtg main tekken.. aku dlm hati "dah cakap dah" kan? kalau tu je yg dia tau.. cuba suruh dia kira2.. mesti aku yang menang.. HAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*

The End for today.. Balik tgk movie.. ada pulak assignment menanti.. haih.. tgh2 final pon ada assignment. 
Thanks for reading.. ^^

Adakah Indah Khabar Dari Rupa? (KADANG-KADANG)

Kadang2 aku rasa pelik.. manusia zaman sekarang ramai yang pandai berlakon.. kadang2 kita confuse dgn apa yg di perbualkan.. contohnya "excited nya bila dpt jumpa dgn awak!". Adakah itu kata2 ikhlas dari hati? atau hanya manis di bibir?

Kadang2 juga kita syok sendiri bila orang sweet talk dgn kita, tapi hakikatnya itu adalah permainan semata-mata.. Kadang2 bila kita betul2, atau dgn erti kata lain kita BENAR-BENAR suka kepada orang tu, mesti la kita cepat2 meluahkan perasaan. Tetapi, nasib tidak menyebelahi kita, luahan perasaan hanya sia-sia. Sudah berkali-kali perkara ni berlaku. Bukan sahaja keatas diri aku sendiri, malahan kepada semua orang yg mencuba tackle awek2. betul dak?

Kadang2 perasaan cinta tu ada, tapi adakah cinta itu penting? Ya, cinta itu penting.. Kalau xde cinta xde anak.. wakakaka >.< ... ok2.. serius2.. permainan cinta ni bukan sahaja menaikkan nafsu.. ada faedah lain selain itu.. sama ada kita nak buat atau tidak.. dapat control makna nya "SAFE" kalau kecundang? maknanya "ANAK HARAM".. Dalam sudut pandangan aku, xsalah kita bercinta.. jangan lah smpai kita terlanjur macam2.. aku sendiri pun ada rasa nk bercinta semula.. tapi apa nk buat? belum jumpa Miss Right. tunggu sahaja.. benda tu akan datang, tapi segala benda xkn datang tanpa usaha..

Sebagai penutup tirai, sblm aku tido.. dah pukul 4.21 pagi.. aku masih belum tido.. ye la.. bersuka ria lepas azab dua paper pagi dan tgh hari tadi.. So, para pembaca, walaupon sedikit.. aku amat menghargai kamu semua.. kita semua adalah mutiara dunia.. jagalah tatatertib kita.. jangan sesekali lupa daratan..

tamat sesi luahan hati~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Phew~ Lepas satu satu dugaan. Mcm tu la adab orang belajar. Nak buat macam mana, nasib seorang penimba ilmu. Belajar tiga bulan, makan tido makan tido~ Eh, tiba2 exam.. aduinyerr pun~~ bak kata member aku zia razif chee..

Oh2, ni nk cerita la sikit.. First pengalaman final exam di UNITEN.. Tau kn UNITEN? tak kan la tak tau pulak.. haih~ carik sendiri.. xpayah aku nk explain.. So, mcm ni la cerita nya.. Heh, first paper 28/12/2011 Advance Calculus.. Havoc! Havoc! Havoc! tak pernak aku dlm exam xsempat jawab semua soalan.. bayangkan 8 soalan dalam masa 2jam stengah..!! aku mcm.. haih.. berserah aje lah.. dah lah carry mark cukup2 makan.. entah lulus ke tidak.. passing mark kt sini 40% bersamaan "D" okay.. semua orang xnk markah mcm tu kan? pointer pn mestilah xcantik.. Tapi, benda sudah berlalu..... Let be gone by gone~

Then! Then! Then! paling teruk! EXAM = DEMAM bukan deman nk balik rumah.. Alah, rumah aku bukan jauh pn dari UNITEN, xsampai 15minit pon.. Ni serius serius demam.. jawab exam dalam keadaan yang tidak selesa.. Dengan selesemanya, dengan badan panasnya, hmm.. Dugaan.. PLUS! undang2 exam kt sini lain dari yang sikit, berbanding aku final exam kt UiTM dulu.. Kalau kat UiTM first 30mins xleh keluar tapi kat sini first 45mins.. aku mcm haih?? asal la lama sangat? tapi nk wat mcm mana.. ikut jela.. kat sini jgak, sempoi.. student g exam pakai slipar jepun! hahaha.. bukan nk gelak sbb dorg tak mampu nk beli kasut tapi pelik.. maybe aku dah terbiasa kot, final exam pakai kasut.. so, bagi deorg xpelik la kn? takpe lah.. universiti swasta what can you say? they make the rules, but we made it our own.. hahaha!

Sampai disini saja, aku nk explain banyak2 malas nk tulis.. hahaha.. tapi gatal nk wat blog gak.. nk tau lagi comment je~ xnk tau dok diam2.. xpayah nk komen pelik2.. tau?

The Beginning

Hello readers, 

Just so you know.. I'm starting this blog is for my own purposes.. So, if i have made any mistakes do feel free to comment.. This blog is about all around us.. I will try my best to get things interesting time by time..

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Therefore, do enjoy the post will I posted in future. In the mean time, i'm busy with final exams..
So, sit back and enjoy reading other's first.. 

I'm not trying to be famous or something else.
If you think my entry are interesting do share with others.. Okay? Love, Hugs, Kisses...

Always Rage, signing out~