Wednesday, July 11, 2012


For today's entry, lets talk about reality.
Some people does not realize that we live in such a reality life. Therefore, living in reality widens your level of thinking, and reality makes you mature.

As time goes by, this kind of issue falls onto me. And i realize that, i'm living in my own community. Although I lived in Kuala Lumpur, but the reality is I'm a kelantanese guy who is living among kelantanese. Where ever I go, there must be at least 5 to 10 ratio of kelantanese in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's a story, and let me describe more. Just now, I'm having lunch with my roomie 'Afif Syazwan, we took a seat in a Kelantanese Nasi Kukus stall in front of INSPEN building, exit from Putrajaya, Gate one. Well, the feeling of a reality life as a kelantanese over whelmed within me. I just can't keep on smiling. The stall owner was friendly and polite, that is how people should treat their customer as a food seller. And my lips can't stop smiling again. And i said to myself "there is nothing peaceful but with a polite attitude", and i felt i was in Kelantan with a steady breeze and kelantanese speaks kelantan, and i kept on smiling. People might say I'm crazy, but I'm not! The overwhelmed feeling kept coming and coming until i can't sit no longer on my chair.

Last but not least, at the same time, that reminds me of my childhood, where i use to live before. That is Kelantan. Say no more, I'm proud to be one and you should be proud where you came from. This excitement moment will never fade.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey, you! Yea you.. What does happy means to you? 

Well for me, happy is some kind of a feeling of delighted, pleased or satisfied with something. Some people have their own way to get happy. Some people making their happiness by enjoying themselves with shopping especially for the girls, well no offence. 

Some girls, when they are in stressed condition, they releasing them by shopping, and automatically gain happiness. 
Shopping, Like a Boss

Some people loves pet, I love pet too.. Specifically, CATS. I love cats.

Ain't it cute

Furthermore, happiness does not comes in what I said above, happiness also can be found in LOVE. That's why there's a quote "What A Happy Lover Birds" see what I meant? Not only by shopping you can go happy. Making some relationship also making you happy too.. And but, sometimes LOVE makes your heart breaks. Its a normal of humanity nature, there's ups and down during in a relationship. My advice is, for the loving couple, please oh please never get down when there's a complication among your relationship.. Find a way to cure that problem.. Ya feel me?

At the end, shopping,pets and love are an example of happy, when you feel happy, a smiley face will drawn on your faces. Being happy is the best way of life. Being happy makes your face blushed. Being happy makes you laugh. Being happy makes you a perfect man, if you know what i mean HAHA!. And yeah, keep smiling and be happy. The best antidote for depression is simple,HAPPY.

Have fun GUYS! 

TAKE CARE~ that's all from me for today's entry.. 

Good Bye And Be Happy And Keep That Smiley Face On You. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Think Twice, Make a Move and LIE

Today's entry, is gonna be about action. It's not about acting being an actor, although we are already an actor in this world without being recorded by any devices. But, a single action we done are recorded by our Creator.

In our daily life, acting normal is a good way to do best. Not to mention, being normal is a best way to create a productive life. Some people, they act based on their anger and rage. For an example, a Malaysian with a dark skin, where we can relate them as an hindu, basically, they act without thinking. I'm not being racist, say no to racism, although it is true i am one of it, what do i care? As an advice for you guys, never never and never get on their way, let them be. Don't ever have any guts to challenge them for a fight. If you are brave enough, then you must face one to ten ratio men of them. Seriously, you will out numbered. My indian friends, please oh please, think twice before you make a move.  If it is a small case, you guys don't have to come and knock to people's door to start a fight. I know it is a heart breaker when you find out people offending what you were doing, but please i beg of you, ignore the simple cases. It's not worth with a fight.

A tips for you to get away with these kind of person, with a little bit of LIE~ well, they kinda fall for that. IF, there's an IF! If you're not recognized before they finds you. If they knew it was you who were messing with them. You're dead as rotten meat.
Here's the tips:

1) Never Ever Ever! get caught at the first place.
2) Talk to them like you know nothing.

here comes the special recipe,

3) LIE! don't get too obvious when you are lying.
4) Shake hands and leave in peace.  

I think that's all, Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st of July

I felt like something tingling in side me. but, i cant get my finger on it.
I felt like writing, and i did! i did wrote something.
The most hectic day i will face.
The most people i hate most. Because my heart is full of hate.


google image

First, hate is the feeling of negative inside you, that gives you a feeling of not liking to something or someone.

Secondly, hate is sometimes good for us. We hate people who annoys us the most, that is one good thing, for an example.

Third, hate is sometime is not good for us. Because of hate, you gain ego in yourself and that ego will make your physical appearance looks bad. An easy example is yer face, you can see and feel how awful your face when you're in anger with full of hate.

Fourth, hate is all about how you judge people, the circumference of life will never gets easy as square. Because, people have BILLIONS of attitude. People like me, i hate when other person trying to annoys me by making a baby cries during i'm having my meal, poking my ass, so on and so forth. by having this kind of hate, it can get you away from these kind of people, that is a good part. The worst part is, when people knew what you hate, there will be a possibility people hate you after. So, an advice for you, keep your hate safe with you.

Finally, never judge or hate people if you didn't know him/she well. Don't simply just say "What the fuck with this guy? he's weird, i hate him",  just because of he's acting weird you have to hate him? get to know then only you can judge.
In my point of view, hate is a must, but a reason is the triple of must if you're doing it. Don't simply hate people with a simple reason. I hate people with that kind of attitude.

P/s: I have my own reasons for hating people as stated above. Thank You~ and plus, keep yer ass off my back because i hate that too..

Thank you for reading~ :D