Wednesday, March 7, 2012


one more story for me to share with you dear dusty blog.. 

Its a BURGER but, i cant really recall what its name
there, see that? once i took a bite, i was "........." speechless. well... it was juicy and finger licking good.. worth up to rm25 per serving.. too expensive? quite not, french fries, beacon strip (not really a beacon, it is a cow's meat strip), and double cheese beef burger.. oh, and a soda herb.. 

HERE I GO!! The main course
it was mouth full burger.. dang, i had only half of it.. too big for my "small tummy" LOL!

okay blog, that's all.. BYE~ 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Morning and The Past

Rise and shine people.. we ain't got all day..! keep sleepin' and you'll be a panda.. *paused* well, not really a panda.. but, still a panda.. cuz, panda is a slow reaction animal.. am i right? thats is not what im going to story right now, it is just an introduction.. haha.. okay back in business..

have you guys heard about love? a special relationship? well, let me give you a short brief.. in definition, love is all about giving and receiving.i guess that explains everything.. crystal clear? to tell you a story my dear dusty blog, its not like im in love with someone right now.. i think and i feel it is not the right time for me to have one.. bcuz, there is so much more for me to think to have a special girlfriend.. some people say, having a couple is a good thing, some people say having a relation is a part of their life, sharing and exchanging love.. but for me, love is not that simple, you have to concentrate on ONE not TWO nor THREE.. you have to give 100% commitment.. because love is all about commitment..

loyalty is the most important thing in any relation, once it is broken.. you can say "SAYONARA" to your girlfriend.. it is not that simple.. for those kids who are barely in love, my advice is you have to stop right now, bcuz u guys are not matured enough.. let me bring you to the reality world, im gonna ask you, how many left "virgin" girls in this world and to be more specific, Malaysia?

to be brief about LOVE... let me give you an equation..

(Men + Women)married = Love + Sex ----> Good

(Love + Sex)unmarried couple = No Good

As simple as that.. So, think further ahead before u make a step.. BYE