Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Will You BE? and Questions.

People,person,living mechanism..
what will you be in future? that is the question.. and that was the question what our parents commonly ask when we were kids.. 

I was thinking, will i able to success? what would i be in future? i am in dilemma.. i have seen many successful person day by day. in the television, in the radio and more. is it possible for me to spread out my wings? is it possible for me to reach it? who would might understand me? will my parents understands what would i be? *sigh*

i could be a singer,but i have no good voice. i could be a sports man, but i have no good in shape. i could be an artist, but i have no talent. what would i be? the point is, i don't have the guts to be one.. *sigh*

how unfortunate.. *sigh*