Thursday, September 6, 2012


When its back to reality, nothing is similarly to your time. Big difference,
dictators surrounds me and we lived in such a full lie world. They are hiding the truth from us. They took our faces and shows what you need to see, but not what you need to know.

Some people says,"Hey, what is so good to be in your side?" We can't even say a word about that. Because we are all covered with lies. And some of them saying,"What's the use of them?, while we lived such in a social life. They can't socialize freely, they can't even get closed to boys and girls." They said we were born to form a terrorism, they accused us from the falling of the twins, they make them like us, the magical mirror they shown to public reflects directly to us.

Oh lord, will you wake us all? 
Are we the chosen that who has to feel what is Armageddons like? We did what you have told us, but WHY US WHY? On top of that, we were badly criticize to the eye of the world, we were forced to be mean, we all are framed by the medias and shows the globe  what we aren't. Before the end of the day, we will regain what are lost and left. We will get the chance to increase the faith in him and his messenger. And finally we will leave from this day, left nothing even the ashes.

Finally, to the light or to the fire we will be precisely judged, good deeds will reclaims his or her good deeds, and bad doers will perish.

Someday, I'll be going there too, whether i know it or not. We are all will be going there, we are all will going to be judge, and we are all going to be in peace.


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